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The information provided here is used for disbursing funds to educational programs and schools. 


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Educator Portal

Welcome to your educator portal! Manage pitch submissions, community partners, judges, and your educator referrals here.


Remember- Pitches and comments must have your approval before they can be viewed by the public. By approving, you certify that the pitch was created by a K-12 student registered with your program and the submission meets your organization/district requirements while also following the NextPitch guidelines found in our FAQ.

My Educator ID

Your pitch teams, partners, and judges will require this number to identify you as their educator. It is also found at the top of your public pages.

Educator's Unique ID


Pitch Submissions

Here are pitches that identified you as an educator. Your approval is required before pitches can be viewed by the public.

Community Partners
Invite Partner

Manage your community partners here. Community partners are able to submit public comments that are supportive and encouraging to young people. This role is an exciting way to engage local professionals and community service organizations. They can watch pitches from anywhere and offer up amazing advice that inspires students and the public. Even after approval, all comments from community partners still require the educator's final approval before posting publicly.


Tip: All individuals are associated with an organization. For individuals who do not already have an organization, please associate them with your classroom as the organization. This will help you pull awesome reports that show how involved your community members are. 


Preparing A Pitch

There are many ways to prepare a pitch. Many young people create a pitch as part of a classroom assignment. Others pitch ideas for community service projects or new business ventures. Students can submit a pitch that is already developed or start fresh on their own. We would love to see your students submit the next pitch!

Get inspired by watching a few pitches from past competitions


To earn votes, students share their pitch with family, friends, and the world around them.


NextPitch connects innovative youth with backers to support their goals. (1).gif
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