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Next Pitch

What Is NextPitch?

NextPitch is a platform that allows educators to host web-based pitch competitions that cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and problem solving abilities among students. The online contests encourage engagement at family, community, and international levels.


Educator options for engagement:


Voters​- Team(s) with the most votes may receive special awards. The teams that share the most will receive the most votes.

Funders- Teams may have the opportunity to receive financial contributions from their voters/backers. 

Commenters- Community partners may provide feedback on pitch submissions.

Judges- Community partners may serve as guest judges who provide feedback on rubrics and may select special bonus winners. 

Heads up -- When allowed, NextPitch does provide the opportunity for educator bonuses.

NextPitch: Competition Guidance

NextPitch is where entrepreneurial thinking meets the spirit of competitive sports. The following is how the competitions work:

NextPitch encourages and rewards entrepreneurial thinking. All team members receive a certificate of completion verifying their involvement in a shark-tank-style pitch competition. Teams are also encouraged by voters and financial backing. NextPitch backers are not investing in a product- we are encouraging and rewarding young innovators. Many of our youth rely on the financial support of backers to have the time and tools needed to identify societal needs and create solutions. Additionally, there are many communities around the world where jobs are not readily available. Our backers help young innovators create solutions that may very well lead to the creation of jobs in their community. 

Pitch teams promote their sponsors and educational programs. NextPitch provides space in each pitch entry to promote their key supporter(s), the educational program that prepared them, or both. When voters watch a pitch, they will also see information about the supporter(s) and program. 

Pitch teams payouts. NextPitch allows multiple payout options: (1) classroom rewards, (2) classroom/project supplies, (3) scholarships, (4) real service project funding, (5) real business startup funding, and (6) real business scaleup funding. Teams select the payout type when submitting their pitch. All classroom/program based rewards are verified and sent to organization financial offices. Funds are not paid directly to educators. These funds are often used to bring their idea to life or for classroom celebrations. We believe in celebrating success and rewarding exceptional work in K-12 classrooms. 

NextPitch provides additional benefits for innovators. In addition to awards, all innovators have access to:

  • A certificate verifying participation in a shark-tank style pitch competition

  • A recommendation letter describing their involvement in innovation

  • Automatic consideration for programs and scholarships from partner colleges and universities

  • No-cost and low-cost college and career resources

NextPitch accepts submissions from teams that are connected to schools and educational programs. Teams that are connected to schools or educational programs include the educational program in the submission. We hope this promotion increases awareness of the awesome programs available to young people. 

Pitches are honest and clearly presented in 5 minutes or less. All pitches must introduce the team, then identify and define (1) a problem (industrial or societal), (2) a solution for the problem, and (3) what you need to move forward and why. We recommend including additional information, but those fields are not required for submission. Pitches that were developed while working with a NextPitch partner program may follow the partner program's preferred format. 

Pitches are legal, safe, and inoffensive. NextPitch prohibits illegal, potentially dangerous, and offensive messaging in pitches. Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, pornography, promoting discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups, weapons, weapon accessories, etc.) is not allowed. Pitches may not promote alcohol or drug use of any kind. Pitches are not to include political fundraising or campaigning.

Pitches are submitted by video. NextPitch encourages all teams to submit videos that are engaging and will grab the attention of backers. Videos should be concise- the shorter the video, the better. NextPitch prefers high-definition videos. Teams should provide videos in the highest resolution possible with clear audio. NextPitch recommends a resolution of at least 1280x720 for a video that has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of at least 640x480 for a video that has a 4:3 aspect ratio. All videos are submitted via YouTube link.

Pitch teams in grades K-12 have parent permission to participate and are protected by our privacy policy. NextPitch requires all team members who are under 18 years old at the time of registration to submit parent permission during the registration process.  NextPitch Educational Services adheres to a privacy policy to ensure the safety of children and the appropriate use of this platform. Read our privacy policy by clicking here.

Give your backers the ability to add to an educator bonus.​ We believe educators who provide opportunities for entrepreneurial thinking support the fight against poverty by driving innovation and cultivating entrepreneurs who create jobs in their local communities. We also have hope that all educators will realize their immediate impact on the economy and society as a whole.


In organizations/districts where approval has been granted, educator bonuses may be applied to salary or classroom supplies for the educator(s) of record on the pitch submission only. If the educator has moved to another school/organization where bonus payment is allowed, then the funding follows the educator. If funding is not allowed, then payment is remitted to the original district financial office for classroom supplies. NextPitch will only remit payment via check to the organization/district finance office or other district/organization approved personnel.  

If an educator has supported the creation of a pitch and the educator is allowed to receive a bonus, please click on the checkbox provided in the Educator Bonus tab of the pitch submission.

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